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  • Don't even look at their lot. They are scam artists, and crooks. I had this opinion before I even found out that the owner is a bail jumper, and dog killer (killed the family pet by kicking it to death in front of his kids, and yes I verified this). Don't even bother looking at what they have. They are smooth talkers, and scam artists. Make sure they don't take any of your money.
    By mrdanielj
  • **Warning: We Had A Horrible Experience at Arnold Pet Station**

    On Saturday morning we took our foxhound to Arnold Pet Station for a 2 night stay. I arrived to pick him up this morning. He appeared to be in a state of shock and did not seem to recognize us. He was covered head to toe in some sort of wet stench (maybe a combo of spilled water in the kennel, food, feces, vomit...idk). He has several sores and had hives all over his belly. His gums appeared pale and his feet were not steady. After looking at the bottom of his feet, we saw irritation between his pads. His eyes were gazed to the point that I wondered if he was sedated. I was trying so hard not to cry. The tech who walked him out seemed clueless. Maybe new(?) I can not believe she even brought him to me in the condition he was in. I think the manager and receptionist were also stumped that she brought him to me drenched and smelling so awful.

    The veterinarian was called out and she did a full blood panel and checked him over for internal bleeding because his extremities seemed to look bruised to me (maybe lack of circulation?). I insisted on seeing where he was kept. The kennel had not been cleaned yet. There was food on the floor and some of his hair caught on the door bars. The water had spilled everywhere making a mess with the food. There was no blanket of any kind. Just the cement floor. Two techs were not offering any information on what happened. They just seemed confused. The tech who initially walked him out suggested (when asked about him being wet ALL OVER) that “maybe he drooled a lot”.
    I tear up just thinking about that first sight I had of him being walked out, listless and not greeting us.

    The choice of no stars is not an option, so consider the one star for the veterinarian that examined our boy and seemed sorrowful.
    By Phyllis R.
  • I always choose Queen Anne florist they are always so helpful and nice each time I order something It's beautiful an exactly what I wanted. I recommend them to everyone. Please keep up the great work!!!!! Yall are awesome!!!!!
    By erin.warren.52

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